Binocular Buying Guide
Introduction to Binoculars

  • Desired use
    when, where, and how often you plan to use your binoculars
  • Optical quality
  • Viewing Condition
  • Comfort and Ease of Use
    Binocular Size
  • Price
    buying binoculars on a budget
    Cheap Binoculars vs. Expensive Binoculars 

everything there is to know about binoculars
which binoculars are right for you

  • 1st number: the Magnification x 2nd number: the Diameter of the Lens
  • Magnification x Diameter
  • MxD

Binocular Buying Guide
other than eyeglasses, most used optical instrument

Field of view

  • Field of view determines how much you see, horizontally in clear conditions at 1000 yards

The Best Binoculars

  • reduce shakes and vibrations caused by hand motion

Prism Types

  • Roof Prism vs. Porro Prism
  • Roof Prism
  • Porro Prism

Compact binoculars

Zoom Binoculars

Buyer’s Guide to Binoculars

Use Binoculars for 

  • Hiking
  • Hunting Binoculars
  • Bird Watching
    standard birding binoculars these days are 8×42
  • Boating and Marine Binoculars
  • Stadium Sports
  • Concert/Theater Binoculars
  • Outdoor

Buying Binoculars

  • Water-resistant or waterproof design

Guide to Binoculars

  • Rangefinder
    with an infrared laser that calculates the distance from an object
  • Eye relief
    the maximum distance you can have between your eye and the eyepiece lens before the field of view is reduced
    If you wear glasses, you’re going to want 14mm or more
  • Image stabilization
  • Compass
    marine, boating, and hunting
  • Coated lenses
  •  Fog proof
     prevent condensation from forming on the lenses
    the air inside the optical barrels is an inert gas that has no moisture
    protects fogging up the internal lens, not the exterior.


shopping for binoculars

Binoculars are a personal item. What is good for one person may not be good for another.

Sometimes people call the first Number “power” instead of magnification


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